Dear Brudders and Sistas of The Cage!

These are trying times. Dec 2005 was a first time a ball was kicked at The Cage. But since then, we have never faced a situation like this.

We are humbled by the efforts of our friends in the healthcare community who are working tirelessly to get Singapore back on its feet. When we are in happier times, we are going to take great pride in honouring their fearless efforts.

For now, we all have to do our part.

Football and Cricket needs to stop for a while.

But we hope the sporting spirit that everyone brings to The Cage will remain strong. During these times, we have to channel sport's fundamentals of teamwork, grit, resilience and camaraderie to assist those who need our help.

We will be back. We are sure of that.

Till then - Stay Safe. Stay Strong.

All football and cricket activities at The Cage will be stopped 2359 today, 26th March 2020.